A catch-all e-mailbox is one that collects all the email messages sent to invalid email addresses. For example, if your email address is info@domain.com, but someone mistypes it and sends an email to inof@domain.com, it will still be received in the catch-all mailbox that you have configured. Just one mailbox per domain can have this feature activated and in this way you’ll never miss emails because the other party has an out-of-date address or has made a spelling error. The negative aspect of using a catch-all mailbox is that you may start receiving a lot of spam messages, but this problem can be fixed using anti-spam protection software. It is also vital to bear in mind that a mailbox with an active catch-all functionality cannot redirect inbound email messages to a 3rd-party address.

Catch-all Emails in Hosting

In case you host a domain on our cloud web hosting platform and you’ve got a hosting account, you’ll be able to enable the catch-all functionality for any email mailbox that you create under the domain name. The Email Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel includes quite a lot of features, but it is incredibly simple to use, so setting up a catch-all mailbox requires only a single click of the mouse. All the email addresses that you have will be listed in this section in alphabetical order and you’ll simply have to click on the "Catch-all" button for the given address. Our system will warn you if there is already another catch-all mailbox activated for that domain or if the one that you want to be a catch-all mailbox has email forwarding enabled, so you can either turn off the latter feature or pick a different mailbox. Disabling the catch-all option is just as easy and requires yet another click on the exact same button.

Catch-all Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

The catch-all functionality can be enabled effortlessly if you have a semi-dedicated server plan with us. All the email addresses that you’ve created using the domains hosted in the semi-dedicated account will be displayed in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel’s Email Manager section and you will notice a tiny button conveniently situated right next to each one. With only a click, you can activate or deactivate the catch-all option for any mailbox of your liking on the condition that there isn't another mailbox under that same domain with the option already activated and there isn't activated email forwarding. Alternatively, you can right-click on a mailbox and enable the feature using the contextual menu that will pop up. If any of the prerequisites for creating a catch-all mailbox is not matched, our system will inform you, but will not replace or disable anything automatically.