In the HostingOn control panel you’ll find a simple to use site builder that you can use to make a brand new, beautiful website on your own. It’s really easy and simple to learn, even if you are not technologically versed. The tool has a variety of site templates available in a plethora of color variations that you can tweak in line with your liking. And last but not least, your website will look great on all devices!

The site builder is present with all hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offers which can be purchased with the HostingOn Online Control Panel.

A simple to use site builder

No web development background is required

The site builder built into the HostingOn user interface is truly convenient to use. It helps you develop your own website via simple point–and–click actions. You do not have to understand HTML, CSS or any other back–end language. If you have employed a web application or maybe a text editing tool, then you will already understand how to utilize the site builder.

From its editor, you can rearrange page contents the way you like and set your own style with just a click. Apart from that, you can include photos, videos, and even your own photo gallery, etc. in no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy–to–redesign templates

Attractive templates that look superb on tablets and phones

Using the site builder, you’ll have access to lots of totally free site themes for all types of sites like personal pages, online stores, discussion boards, and so on.

Each website template comes in several designs and features numerous color combinations. In addition, you will gain access to a decent set of ready–made photos and will be able to cherry–pick from over 100 different fonts for your website. Every website theme is optimized to work across all devices. In case you want to change a given template, you will be able to do that with just a click. All of the pages and tweaks you have made will remain intact.

A set of easy–to–redesign templates

In–built help desk and step–by–step videos

Discover how smooth it indeed is to launch an online presence

The HostingOn’s site builder has a helpdesk which includes very detailed step–by–step articles and videos triggered by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You’ll be able to learn how to change your site template and create a brand new page. Also, you will be able to see how you can change your current template or maybe install a forum onto your site.

Also, you can make contact with us anytime in case you need real–time help with your website.

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